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Athabasca University

CAIP Research Chairs

The CAIP Innovation Research Program

Building on the independent strengths of Alberta's four research universities, the CAIP Water Network was developed to provide focus on environmental quality and sustainability in Alberta’s watersheds and aquatic ecosystems. The six recently created CAIP Chairs are united by two major themes:
  • managing and protecting watersheds, major river systems and aquatic ecosystems of the prairie, parkland, mountains and boreal forest; and
  • applied technology in relation to water policies, impacts of human activities on water quantity and quality in watersheds and aquatic ecosystems in order to identify deterrents to a sustainable water supply.

Through the use of innovative data approaches such as remote sensing, and the application of data management tools such as modelling and data analyses, long term strategies can be identified to help manage Alberta's watersheds and ecosystems.

ARBRI received two of these research positions:

  • Computational Sustainability and Environmental Analytics; and
  • Hydroecology and Environmental Health

These research opportunities have attracted international expertise in water and environmental sustainability  to ARBRI and Athabasca University.