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Athabasca University

Hydroecology and Environmental Health

Athabasca River
ARBRI Hydroecology and Environmental Health Project

As part of ARBRI’s drive to enhance the understanding of the myriad factors that affect life in and around the Athabasca River, this project  examines ecological impacts and risks to the upper and lower Athabasca regions, with particular focus on the effects of environmental contaminants in communities and the natural environment within the Athabasca River Basin. The team that makes up the Hydroecology and Environmental Health Project strengthens the academic and research priorities in specific areas such as ecotoxicology, health effects and nutrition, environmental and atmospheric chemistry and applied ecology.

Working in collaboration with outside research partners in the related fields of biology and organismal ecology of land and aquatic environments, the project team is conducting research that helps inform northern Alberta communities, including those of Indigenous Nations to mitigate identified risks in the Athabasca regions and waterways as determined by study of ecotoxicological and nutritional analyses. The team will be developing strategies that interface with communities, industry and government in the region.

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Dr. Chris Glover