Hinton & grande cache

Sustainability Project

The Research

This initiative will stem from community-based interactions with AU researchers who bring a high level of knowledge, experience and resources in the use of information technologies and knowledge transfer, to the table.

The team of researchers will examine options for addressing the current obstacles to attracting new and diverse industries and new residents. These include issues such as:

  • creating affordable housing options;
  • providing greater choices in educational programs;
  • enhancing local infrastructure;
  • creating new entrepreneurs;
  • discovering options for local investment and financing;
  • developing a community culture with greater inclusion of Aboriginals and immigrants ;
  • facilitating increased sustainable and ecologically sensitive recreation for residents and visitors (tourism) by capitalizing on existing, natural assets of the region, and
  • enhancing the region's reputation as environmental stewards of the sensitive natural wilderness areas and the Athabasca River Basin.
  • navigating the contradictions that exist between resource extraction dependence and SEE sustainability.

By thoroughly investigating available amenities and recommending innovative ideas for change, this study will provide these resource-based communities with the next steps necessary to achieving their objectives of creating more socially, economically, environmentally (SEE) sustainable places to live, work and prosper.