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Research at Athabasca University

Located in the heart of the Athabasca River Basin, Athabasca University is uniquely well positioned to provide a home for a research institute destined to facilitate collaboration among diverse basin stakeholders and to develop research and monitoring programs. Based in the Town of Athabasca, but capable of being virtually present anywhere in the basin, the university has strong connections with basin stakeholders, including municipalities and counties, Aboriginal communities and tribal councils, colleges and other education providers, resource industries and environmental and community groups.

Athabasca University offers the following key advantages:

  • Year-round proximity to all parts of the Athabasca River Basin, including northern rural towns, Aboriginal communities and the operations of Alberta’s Athabasca oil sands
  • Established communication networks with communities, industries and researchers throughout central and northern Alberta and multiple agreements with local academic institutions
  • A research culture which values and promotes interdisciplinarity, teamwork and community outreach
  • Archival data on the Athabasca River Basin
  • A diverse representation of academics in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and in applied studies and distance education
  • Internationally acknowledged expertise in distance education and information sharing through the innovative use of technology (Athabasca University is Canada’s leader in the use of technology and the Internet for education.)

As one of Alberta’s four public comprehensive universities, Athabasca University supports the key priorities of Alberta’s Advanced Education and Technology Business Plan: research, innovation, sustainable community development and a quality learning system—values which are equally relevant to the Athabasca River Basin Research Institute.

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